Drumming Desk


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Drumming Desk

Elementary Student Pedal Desk adapted to integrate rhythm and movement! The Drumming desk was designed based on the research supporting the link between rhythm, movement, and learning.


  • Rhythmic abilities are linked to language and literacy processes
  • Rhythm helps organize events into predictable and coherent patterns
  • In music, rhythm is the primary element that creates the perception of time. 
  • In speech, rhythm helps us select and extrapolate phonemes, syllables, words, and phrases from an ongoing speech stream. Having good rhythmic skills, appears to be essential not only for music or dance but also for language and communication skills.
  • Rhythm skills can be improved through practice! Rhythm abilities are not simply inherited. 
  • Struggling with certain rhythmic skills can reflect underlying language and/or perceptual impairments; making this a critical foundation of learning readiness.  Practicing this foundation at an early age helps to form the foundation to improve literacy and auditory processing


This is an excellent ABL Lab Station for practicing Foundation 11: Rhythm.  Activities include:

  • 1. Drumming to a beat 
  • 2. Mimicing rhythmic patterns
  • 3. Drumming to music
  • 4. Telling Time: Pedalling and Tapping to Time 


  • Adjustable Seat Height to Fit 1st-5th Grade
  • Non Resistant Pedals for smooth, silent movements
  • Product Weight: 67 lbs User Weight Limit: 250lbs
  • Includes Pre-Assembly 
  • Manufacturer: Action Based Learning



Real Drum Effect! Built-in Speakers& Headphone Jack, Sound Volume Adjustable - The high-quality built-in dual speakers brings student's a real drumming effect.  Can be used with or without headphones in the lab.

Powered by a built in 2400mAh rechargeable battery, lasting up to 10 hours play per charge

Includes built in beats and 8 demo song variations:

  • KIT: Select the drum set timbre- Pop, Rock, Latin, Electro, Percussion
  • CLICK: Metronome function, select 3, 4 or 6 time-beating in turn
  • PLAY/STOP: Play and stop the demo music
  • DEMO: Select among the 8 demo musics in turn



Did you know? Hearing a steady beat and keeping a steady beat develops the internal dialogue, that little voice inside your head.  This inner dialogue starts around 3-5 years old by hearing/listening to human voices (talk, sing, pitch) and continues to develop into adulthood.  Internal dialogue is necessary for acquiring receptive and expressive language. 

These concepts aid the brain in auditory discrimination by sounding out letter sounds and words in a receptive language and discriminating words in spoken language.


FOOTPRINT IS THE SAME AS THE STANDARD KC-35 PEDAL DESK - 28x40in floor space required. Seat is Adjustable. Drum can be played independent of pedalling, and visa versa.

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