ABL Math Immersion Lab - actionbasedlearning
ABL Math Immersion Lab - actionbasedlearning
ABL Math Immersion Lab - actionbasedlearning

ABL Math Immersion Lab

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Action Based Learning Math Immersion Labs are designed to prepare the brain for learning. Each active learning station in the lab, applies what we know about the brain body connection, supporting the link between movement and learning to improved academics.  The immersion lab uses purposeful movement layered with mathematics to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Benefits of the lab:

+ Ability to focus for longer periods of time on difficult math problems (CDC)

+ Increased confidence & lower test taking anxiety (CDC)

+ Increased ability to problem solve  (CDC)

+ Improved memory, recall & problem solving ability (CDC)

= Improved Math Scores (CDC)

Ways to use the Lab:

 + To reinforce math concepts & anchor learning in the classroom

+ To prepare the brain for learning new concepts

+ To prepare the brain for testing

+  To improve mood & boost student confidence 

+ To help students reset, refocus, and re-enter the classroom
Day to Day

Typically students will spend 2-5 minutes at each station in the lab, rotating at the sound of a buzzer. Some of the stations include flip-chart holders, the content of the flip chart can be customized based on the math curriculum for that day. Lab can be utilized to review what is currently being taught in the classroom to anchor learning, as well as pre-test review. Students can also pair up and work with partners - one student will be moving while the other student is quizzing them. Immersion labs often serve as an additional place for students to reset, refocus, and re-enter the classroom. 


ABL immersion labs include formal training and classroom certifications for schools and wellness centers. ABL lab packages are customized to fit individual needs, budget, and space. All ABL labs include stations to target all 12 foundations of learning readiness.

Request a free needs assessment for your school, and receive a custom quote same day! For funding and grant opportunities, view ABL Grants Page.