Breathing Techniques Adhesive Wall Graphics Set
Breathing Techniques Adhesive Wall Graphics Set
Breathing Techniques Adhesive Wall Graphics Set
Breathing Techniques Adhesive Wall Graphics Set

Breathing Techniques Adhesive Wall Graphics Set


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Breathing Techniques Adhesive Wall Graphics Set

Students need tools to learn to self-manage their desired learning state. Learning and proper responses to environmental cues, such as how to be part of a group, prepares students to react more appropriately. Being aware of how our bodies and brains work together can be used to calm down or energize appropriately.

Not only does the respiration rhythm synchronize activity in brain regions involved in emotion and memory, it can also affect people's performance on tasks involving emotion and memory.

Why use the Breathing Techniques Wall Stickers in your Calming Corner?

  • Easily Draw Students' Attention: These classroom breathing techniques stickers are printed with different shapes of breathing trainings as well as calming colors colors, such as flower shape, star shape, and so on.
  • Widely Applicable: These breathing techniques stickers are widely applicable to various occasions, such as calming corners, mindful moments, yoga breathing, self regulation, finger tracing, sensory and movement breaks and so on. Stickers may also be applied together or separately around the room to allow for flexibility of use.
  • Set includes breathing technique cards to allow more versatile use

Why ABL Adhesive Graphics Sets?

Action Based Learning Adhesive Wall Graphics Sets help students focus by encouraging them to be active on their way to class, using activity maps and colorful pathways throughout the hallways.

ABL Adhesive Graphics Sets are considered one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to impact every child through movement. Reach more students, and allow Action Based Learning strategies to be practiced daily. Hallway graphics are designed to allow educators to customize the Adhesive Graphics Set to fit all spaces, and varying grade levels. Each set allows students to practice the critical foundations necessary to prepare the brain to learn.

These are 100+ piece commercial grade decal sets that can be placed throughout your school, on the floors and also the walls to create a play/learning environment outside of the classroom!  Each set allows plenty of options for moving through the 12 Foundations and many more elements to be creative and create a fun learning environment. 

Quality and Quantity: ABL Adhesive Graphics sets are the highest quality sets on the market, designed for high traffic environments. All adhesive graphics sets are manufactured using commercial grade vinyl on commercial printers.  

How are these adhered to the walls?  Are they permanent?

They are adhesive stickers. Adhere the stickers to a clean and dry surface to create a semi-permanent sticker.  Graphics may be removed, but will not re-adhere if removed.