Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning
Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning
Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning
Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning

Action Based Learning Certifications


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Action Based Learning Certifications

What's the difference between each certification?

The Lab facilitator certification is a specialized certification specifically for implementing, managing, and enhancing the effectiveness of your ABL Lab. This certification is designed for Lab Facilitators or educators and administrators involved in creating and maintaining a successful lab in your school.

The School certification extends well beyond the lab to assist educators in becoming recognized leaders and experts on all things movement and learning, including creating active classrooms and schools and an overall culture of healthy, happy, engaged students using movement!

The District Certification allows you to train other teachers, educators, administrators, etc. throughout your school district! *Must have completed minimum of 1 year as a School Trainer first*


ABL-LF  Action Based Learning Certified Lab Facilitator

ABL recommends that each school that utilizes an ABL lab designate 1 ABL lab facilitator. This should be an individual who has shown strong interest and affinity for Action-Based Learning implementation. The role of the Lab Facilitator is to provide structure to the ABL program in the areas of scheduling, set-up, room layout, student progressions, and ongoing care of the labs.  

A total of 4 courses are required. These courses can be purchased in a bundle upfront, or you may pay for each course as you go.  There is no limit on the time to complete the certification. Some educators may prefer to space out their courses, and enroll in 1 course every few months. Others may take all 4 courses consecutively, to speed up the process of becoming certified. With this in mind, the time to obtain certification varies. (Average time to complete: 2-4 months) 

COURSES REQUIRED:  ABL-101 ($195), ABL-102 ($195),  ABL-201 ($195),  ABL-210  ($195)


ABL-ST   Action Based Learning Certified School Trainer

While the Lab Facilitator certification is specifically for labs, the ABL School Trainer certification is for bringing Action Learning concepts beyond the lab and infusing ABL strategies school-wide. Receiving an ABL School Trainer Certification means the individual is authorized to provide leadership, training, and support for ABL throughout your school.  ABL recommends (2) individuals from each school to become ABL school trainers.  

COURSES REQUIRED: ABL-101 ($195), ABL-201 ($195), ABL-210 ($195), ABL-102 ($195), ABL-205 ($195), ABL-322 ($195), ABL-321 ($195) ABL-331 ($195)

NOTE: School Trainers are eligible to apply for the District level certification after one year, as outlined below.


ABL-DT  Action Based Learning Certified District Trainer

After 1 year as a certified school trainer, the individual will automatically be eligible to apply for district certification. *Please reach out directly to for pricing and options*

Prerequisites: Must be a certified school trainer for 1-year minimum prior to obtaining ABL-DT certification. No additional courses are required. ABL-DT must demonstrate the ability to apply brain-based strategies at all levels from K-12th grade. Email to complete the application process. 

ABL Certified District Trainers work throughout their district to teach and implement the science & benefits of Action Based Learning. ABL-DT provides support to multiple campuses throughout the district and present ABL strategies to parents & community via local conferences and professional development days within the district. 

Certification at this level entitles ABL-DT to ongoing access to all content (available on ABL Online Academy). Involvement includes input into the development of new ABL initiatives. As an integral part of the recognized international community, district trainers will meet regularly to present and strategize with other district leaders on ABL best practices.

COURSES REQUIRED: ABL-SPEC ($195) + ABL-SPEC ($195) + ABL-SPEC ($195) The learner may choose to take any ABL specialty course of their choice.



To learn more about Action Based Learning certifications, email

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