Student Pedal Desk (3-5TH) - actionbasedlearning
Single Pedal Desk [3-5th Grade] - Action Based Learning
Single Pedal Desk [3-5th Grade] - Action Based Learning
Student Pedal Desk [3-5th Grade] - Action Based Learning
Student Pedal Desk (3-5TH) - actionbasedlearning

Single Pedal Desk [3-5th Grade]


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Pedal Desk Voted #1 Classroom Product

The Single Pedal Desk [3-5th Grade] is designed for 21st century classrooms, providing students and teachers with an ergonomic and adjustable workstation that allows kids to move. The pedal desk takes flexible seating to a new level by leveraging the science behind movement and learning. Low intensity steady state movement, often referred to as a flow state, is the most optimal state for learning. This is not a workout machine, but a light movement designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, while also supporting nuerogenesis (the creation of new brain cells that occurs when we move!). The adjustable tabletop and seat height  allows for adaptive, personalized learning. The pedal base provides a nondistracting, silent way to allow children to move, fidget, wake their brains up and stay engaged and focused in the classroom. This makes it easy for schools to accommodate all learners, and keep the focus on serving the needs of the whole child. To learn more about the science behind movement and learning, check out Action Based Learning training Academy. Action based Learning is a teaching methodology that can be incorporated with or without furniture. Action Based Learning trainers provide in person professional development sessions for school staff, as well as online courses and teacher certifications. If you are interested in this concept, we highly recommended getting certified in Action based Learning teaching methodology! 

NEW Tabletop Upgrade: Swap out the standard blue tabletop color for whiteboard tabletop

Pedal Desk Benefits:

  • Increases student engagement in the classroom
  • Improves Academic Achievement  
  • Improves mood and behavior
  • Students are excited to learn

Brain Based Movement:

The pedal desk is designed specifically to put the brain and body into its most optimal learning state. 

Promotes Low intensity steady state movement (LISS), crossing the midline, optimizes blood flow and oxygen to the brain, & Activates BDNF, coined "Miracle Gro" for the brain by Dr. John Ratey. BDNF activates the brain in the process known as neurogenesis- the growth of new brain cells. 

Pedal Desk Features:

Manufactured in the USA - Action Based Learning is the Manufacturer of the Original Pedal Desk. All Pedal Desks are steel welded and built for high frequency use in school settings. Desks are designed to hold up against even the most "active" students. Includes 10 yr direct from mfg extended warranty and factory direct discounts for schools. 

Designed specifically for this age group to support proper posture and movement appropriate for elementary age students.

  • Ships Pre-Assembled
  • Silent, non distracting movement
  • Rear Foot Levelers can be adjusted for all floor types, and can accommodate uneven floors
  • Adjustable Seat Height and tabletop height
  • Tabletop lies flat for reading & writing in the classroom

Movement is user powered, there is no resistance on elementary pedal desks. Based on brain research, adding a certain level of exertion during the learning process can actually work to counteract the benefits of moving. The Pedal Desk for elementary students is designed to activate Low Intensity Steady State Movement (LISS). To learn more about LISS, view the Science and Research behind Action Based Learning)


CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION Children with pedals under their desk can work their legs in a motion similar to a bicycle, while participating in classroom discussion, or doing their classwork. Desk is user powered, making movement optional! Although rare, students not interested in moving, have the option to relax and listen in class! 

PARTNER WORK While one child pedals, their partner stands on a balance board on the opposite side of the pedal desk.

ADD ACADEMICS Teachers use the pedal movement to engage students in countless activities! For example: Students answer questions during instruction by either pedaling forward, backward, pausing, speeding up, or slowing down pedaling!

MORNING WAKE UP - Start the morning off right with a brain booster! Have students warm-up their brains with a Walk & Talk session ( suggested classroom activities provided by author Shoecraft, Lengel, Moize in ABL Books & Manuals)

GO FULLY KINESTHETIC!   Outfit an entire classroom with multiperson pedal desks, and various movement stations (video below). Research indicates variety is KEY when implementing alternative seating and kinesthetic desks into an active classroom

OR START SMALL! start with 1 single pedal desk in your classroom & implement a rotation schedule for all students to benefit from the movement!


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