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Grid Mat - actionbasedlearning

Grid Mat


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The Elementary Grid Mat is designed to enhance learning through kinesthetic math! The grid design helps students make connections in the brain by bringing the coordinates to life! Activities allow for a series of progressions that prepares the brain by working on critical math skills.   Students are actively engaging in proprioception, low level balance challenges and helping their brain and body synchronize to understand where they are in space. An instructional manual is included.

The Elementary Math Grid Mat is made of G-floor material.

Indoor and Outdoor? YES

Dimension: 60in x 17in



This is a unique material designed for heavy duty, high frequency use.

The material is designed to keep the shape it was stored in, and will become flexible with heat. Upon unboxing, unroll the mat and lie flat (preferably outside) in the sun or a warm environment. As the mat heats, the material will become flexibile and bend easily in to the preferred state, flat. Remember, whatever shape the mat cools off in, is the shape it will keep! Ensure your mat is lying completely flat as it is cooling off, in order to keep the crisp flat shape. 

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