Active Classroom Gameboard - Action Based Learning
Active Classroom Gameboard - Action Based Learning

Active Classroom Gameboard


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The Action Based Learning Active Classroom gameboard takes learning to another level with this large floor sized activity mat. The mat makes it easy for teachers to integrate movement and academics, while making learning fun for students! Studies show using the brain and body help us anchor information more efficiently and students perform better on memory and recall tasks by practicing embodied cognition. Each space on the mat is large enough for a student to move from space to space when it is their turn to roll the dice. Each space has an adjacent square where academic cards can be placed. All curriculum can be practiced on the mat from math, reading, geography, ESL, etc etc. ABL provides academic card sets that come standard with the mat, with an option to add-on additional card sets to complete your collection. Note, teachers can use their own academic content, or create cue cards to curate content more specific to their lesson. The mat can be used for review before a test, or to practice new concepts being taught in the classroom. 

The gameboard can be easily rolled up and stored away, or shared between classrooms.

The gameboard can be used across all grade levels from early elementary to middle and high school. Content can be easily interchanged and game rules can be modified based on the classroom goals. The gameboard can also be used in PE, Specials, or the Lab to practice the 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness!



(1) Jumbo Life Sized Gameboard

(1) Set of large foam dice

(1) Activity Guide

(5) Academic Card Sets 

(1) ABL Academy Training Course 

Optional Add-on: Choose from over 35 sets of academic cue cards, or add the complete collection

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