Action Based Learning Lab Toolkit - Action Based Learning
Action Based Learning Lab Toolkit - Action Based Learning

Action Based Learning Lab Toolkit


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Action Based Learning Lab Toolkit


ABL Lab Toolkit comes with a variety of support materials and templates to assist in the set up, management, and facilitation of the lab. The toolkit includes both physical and digital resources. The toolkit is required for all ABL Labs. Toolkit is only available with lab purchase!

ABL Lab Manual Includes:

 - Lab Station Student/Teacher Cue Cards
 - Set of 12 Station Banners. ABL 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness Banners 
  highlight the twelve foundations of learning that are worked on within the ABL 
  lab. Banners can be hung from ceiling or mounted on walls to provide direction 
  to both the student and lab facilitator.
-  ABL Lab Manual
-  ABL Lab Station Activity Guides
-  Large Lab Door Graphic
- 12 Foundations Brain Body Wall Chart
- 12 Foundations Blue Worksheet 
- Planning Tools Include:
     - Getting Started Guide
     - Letter to Parents (template)
     - ABL Lab Schedule (template)
     - Parent/Teacher Update (template)
     - Training and Certification Planning (checklists)
     - Tips and Tricks, Get Involved, Take the Pledge
     - ABL branded promo gift (varies)
     - Science and Research behind ABL - The 12 Foundations of Learning 
       Readiness Introduction Guide for sharing w/ parents & colleagues (ebook)
    - Access to ABL Community page for free resources and workshops via ABL 

The 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness
Crossing the Midline - Cross Lateralization
Body in Space - Vestibular/Proprioception
Balance - Spatial Orientation
Visual Development - Encoding Symbols
Rhythm - Beat Awareness and Beat Competency
Tactile Learning- Sensory Motor and Fine Motor Skills
Motor Skills - Locomotor and Nonlocomotor Skills
Eye/Hand Eye/Foot Coordination - Manipulative Skills
Physical Fitness- Strength and Flexibility
Cardiovascular Fitness- Aerobic 
Problem Solving: Embodied Cognition
Self Management: Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Introducing and Setting up the Lab
Lab Stations and Rotations
Classroom Management
Station Activities and Progressions


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