ELA Action Based Learning Stair Stickers - Action Based Learning
ELA Action Based Learning Stair Stickers - Action Based Learning

ELA Action Based Learning Stair Stickers

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Action Based Learning ELA Stair Stickers

Action Based Learning Stair Stickers help students focus by encouraging them to be active on their way to class, using kinesthetic learning and colorful pathways throughout the hallways.

ABL Stair Stickers are considered one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to impact every child through movement.  Reach more students, and allow Action Based Learning strategies to be practiced daily.  Stair Stickers are designed to allow educators to customize the stairs to fit all spaces, and varying grade levels.  Each set allows students to practice the critical foundations necessary to prepare the brain to learn.

These are 12-piece commercial-grade decal sets that can be placed throughout your school on stairs and also floors to create a play/learning environment outside of the classroom!

Why Action Based Learning Stair Stickers?

ABL Stair Sticker Sets are the highest quality sets on the market, designed for high-traffic environments.  All hallway sets are manufactured using commercial-grade vinyl on commercial printers.  Sticker quality is up to 2x stronger and more durable than the standard stickers.  Graphic holds up to high-traffic areas.

How are these adhered?  Are they permanent?

They are adhesive stickers.  Once you place them where you like them, there is no need to wax.  If you decide you do not want them one day down the road, they can be removed anytime!  Make sure to clean surface well and allow to dry before applying the stickers.  Extra room on the sides of Stair Stickers allow educators to cut to size if needed.

Specs: 12 pieces, 4.5" x 47" high-quality vinyl stickers

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