Free Download: Activity #3

Activity can be modified for all ages 
Encourage parents to print at home for remote learners.
Unlmited Uses for individuals, partners, and whole family activities:
1. Play the Active Dice Game with individuals or partners: To layer academics, have students recite math facts, spelling words, or have them list from memory months of the year, states, capitols, and any ELAR & SS content! Use sticky notes to add academic content, or new activities
2. Use as a daily activity chart to encourage wellness at home: Week 1, have students perform Row 1 activities every morning. Week 2, perform Row 2 activities. Continue with through Week 6!
3. Make it a Fitness Challenge: Get the whole family on board and encourage 6 weeks of wellness!
4. Use as a Brain Break Chart: When students need a quick break from learning, head to their wellness chart and perform a brain break!
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