FOX News: Tulsa Health Dept. Implements ABL Labs - TULSA , OK

Featured: The Action Based Learning Lab funded by Stone Canyon Elementary PTO, and supported by Tulsa Health Dept. Action Based Learning Labs are based on the brain research that proves the importance of the brain body connection, supporting the link between movement and learning. The purpose of the ABL Lab is to prepare the brain to learn, and provide students an advantage to learning in the classroom.

Tulsa Health Dept. partners with Action Based Learning to provide Professional Development for K-12 public schools to teach educators Action Based Learning strategies, with a focus on integrating movement and learning into the classroom. Tulsa Health Dept. works with K-12 schools to implement healthy movement strategies, ABL labs, and teacher training as a part of the innovative It's All About Kids program. For more visit

Action Based Learning Labs: For more information on ABL Labs, equipment, and training visit

Blender Bike: Please note Blender Bike is not part of the Action Based Learning Lab program. Information can be found here on