Dr. Gregory Voloshin: ABL Labs at Scotchtown Avenue - Goshen Central School District, NY


“As a career educator and lifelong learner, I always strive to learn more about the different educational strategies that will better serve teachers and students,” he said. “My studies helped me grow as an educator by giving me the skills and foundational knowledge to successfully address a number of organizational, leadership and educational issues.”

Dr. Voloshin plans to apply this knowledge to his position at Scotchtown Avenue. “It’s an exciting opportunity for me to be principal at the elementary level,” he said. “My experiences at the high school have allowed me to become very familiar with the end-product of a K-12 education: graduates of Goshen High School. Now as elementary school principal, I’ll be able to use that first-hand knowledge to help set the foundation for our young students.”

Dr. Voloshin embraces the philosophy that continuing education and developing commitment and perseverance are essential for the 21st Century learner. Dr. Voloshin hopes to inspire students to pursue excellence in all they do.

‘It’s so important for elementary students to have positive experiences and enjoy learning,” he explained. “If our students enjoy coming to school each day and associate school with positive energy and excitement, they will be more likely to have a successful academic career.”



“We are teachers in a kindergarten through second grade building. Action based learning has tremendously helped our students learn through brain based movements.
In our classrooms, we incorporate many brain boosters with movement and this allows students to refocus as well as stimulate their brains. We have noticed that students’ stress levels are reduced after brain boosters in our classroom or a visit to the kinesthetic learning lab.
"We are fortunate enough to have a variety of kinesthetic furniture in our classrooms. This is a great outlet for students who have difficulty sitting still and focusing for long periods of time. In our lab, we practice the 12 foundational movements that also integrate curriculum where lessons are more physically active. Our students LOVE going to the kinesthetic lab and we have seen great improvements with their focus, coordination and ability to concentrate and attend more in class.
Movement, Physical Activity and Exercise prepare the brain for learning which in turn boosts brain function and academic performance!”