Physical Fitness: Strength and Flexibility




  • Core muscular strength including abdominals and back muscles supports the spine and improves posture and enables more efficiency. Oxygen can then flow freely, supplying fuel to the brain.
  • Upper body and hand strength allows the student to write for longer periods.
  • Core muscular strength including abdominals and back muscles supports the spine and improves posture and enables more efficiency. Oxygen can then flow freely, supplying fuel to the brain.
  • Muscular strength in the legs encourages the flow of BDNF, the “Miracle Gro” for the brain. (Ratey)Leg exercise 'tells' the brain to stay healthy.
  • Exercising leg muscles helps the brain to produce new neurons and studies have shown that exercise can induce neurogenesis — meaning that it can help the brain to form new cells.
  • Works to counter the effects that aging has on the brain's hippocampus.
  • The hippocampus is the brain area key for memory and information processing and by exercising regularly we are boosting the size of our hippocampus, making it easier to store more memory so we can retain more information. 
  • Being physically fit helps to put the brain and body into balance. There is a body brain connection. 
  • Developing the muscular system provides support for the relay of messages throughout the central nervous system.

How Physical Fitness affects our brain...

  • Blood flow and Oxygenation

  • Production of Neurotrophins (induce the survival, development, and function of neurons)

  • Growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus (center for learning and memory) 

  • Neurotransmitter levels (regulate our mood)

  • Development of nerve connections (and density of our neural network)

  • Brain Tissue Volume


This shows up in the classroom as....

  • Improved information processing, storage, and retrieval

  • Enhanced coping skills and improved mood

  • Improved Attention




ABL Sensory Hallway Sets are considered one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to impact every child through movement. Reach more students, and allow Action Based Learning strategies to be practiced daily. Hallway graphics are designed to allow educators to customize the ABL Sensory path to fit all spaces, and varying grade levels. The ABL FIT hallway set allows students to practice the critical foundations necessary to prepare the brain to learn, and has a strong focus on physical activity, strength and flexibility.
The ABL FIT hallway set encourages a school culture of movement, by infusing movement strategies throughout the hallways! 

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Body Brain Bands
Excellent for classrooms with limited space, who need quick and efficient ways to implement physical activity into the classroom - Body Brain bands work on strength and flexibility, and excellent for developing core strength (improving posture and improved blood flow and oxygen to the brain) and hand strength (improved handwriting abilities). Body Brain Bands can be used with all ages and come in 2 varying strengths (yellow = low resistance, green = medium resistance)
Teachers can incorporate academics into the activities, or use as a quick brain booster in between lessons to get the brain engaged and ready to learn! 


Youth Fitness Ab Crunch

The Ab Crunch machine is specifically sized for youth and is designed with the developing child in mind. The ab crunch focuses on strengthening children's core muscles. The Ab Crunch Machine is designed specifically for elementary school through middle school age. Compound movement uses the arms to create a crunch that works the abdominals in an ergonomically friendly way for children.
This unique design is an advanced alternative to sit ups-- and acts as a great tool for teaching children the proper way to do crunches. Why is this important? Poor core strength not only causes bad posture but is also a contributing factor in poor endurance and poor balance. Without core strength, the child's gross and fine motor skills are impaired. Strengthening the child's core is considered a vital building block in the developing body! 





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