Jeanne Bryne

Jeanne is a passionate, energetic and experienced Action Based Learning™ master trainer. Her expertise in brain research, integration strategies, physical education and how to blend movement and academics in the classroom. Jeanne believes all children can learn and that movement is essential to learning. Jeanne’s presentations are dynamic, interactive, and practical covering a variety of topic including: how the brain learns, how to prepare the brain for learning, and how to build a better brain through movement. Participants engage in activities empowering educators with integration strategies on how their students improve memory, reinforce academic concepts creating mind-body mapping. With more than 32 years of education experience in North Carolina. With 32 years’ experience in teaching, elementary, middle school, high school and as district Physical Education Specialist. Jeanne holds Masters Degrees in Health, Physical Education, Administration and Curriculum Specialist. A National Board Certified teacher. Jeanne was recognized in her district as a Teacher of the Year and a Professional Development Master Teacher. Session Topics Include:

  • Building Better Brains through Movement
  • Movement Changes the Brain
  • Using Movement in the Classroom and Enhance Learning
  • Organizing Physical Education Classes and Programs taking Advantage of Brain Research
  • Setting Up and Implementing a Successful ABL Lab