Academic Box: Elementary ELAR


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Elementary ELAR Academic Box 

Boxes are the perfect addition to your classroom or lab! Academic Cards are highly recommended to enhance your existing ABL stations! Great for layering academics with your ABL ladder, carts, mats, & wall mounts, fitness equipment flip charts, and partner activities. 

Printed in full color on Commercial Grade Paper -  Each Set includes a full classroom set of cards.

 Elementary ELAR Academic Box Includes

- [9] Sets of Academic Cards [Set size varies] 

PRC-906 Alphabet
PRC-907 Alphabet Sign Language
PRC-908 Colors/Shapes
PRC-913 Parts of Speech
PRC-914 Sparks of Speech
PRC-916 Punctuation Cards
PRC-922 Hanging Spelling Out to Dry Cards
PRC-924 Word Family Cards
PRC-928 Telling Time Cards


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