Teaching the Teenage Brain


The teenage brain is different from an adult and a child’s brain. Is it true that hormones affect learning? Recent brain research gives incredible insight to the complicated workings of the teen brain and body. For example, teens need even more exercise and more sleep in order to function at their optimal capacity. This energetic, interactive presentation will give valuable information and activities that will enable teachers and parents to better understand teenage behavior and learning.


  1. The professionals will gain insight into the principles and stages of brain and physical development in the teen brain that impacts learning.
  2. The professionals will gain insight into individual strengths and how to fulfill the needs of each teen student through intentional movement.
  3. The professionals will gain insight into how academic reinforcement can be facilitated through specific movement.
  4. The professionals will gain insight into a secondary program that combines brain research findings, physical education standards and academic reinforcement to improve student performance.

***The format can be customized to present short sessions at conventions or conferences as well as full day workshops.