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Photo of Jean MadiganJean Blaydes Madigan is an internationally known educational consultant, speaker and author on the subject of how brain research supports the link of movement to enhanced learning. She has made hundreds of presentations internationally in 10 foreign countries and nationally in all 50 states. Jean taught for 27 years in the classroom, in Physical Education and as a college professor. Her excellence in teaching is recognized by awards such as Richardson ISD Teacher of the year, Texas AHPERD Teacher of the Year, and one of six National Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year representing 13 states in the Southern District. Jean received the 2005 PE4Life Advocacy award.

Jean’s book, Thinking on Your Feet, provides strategies for teaching academic standards kinesthetically to improve student performance. Jean and Cindy Hess created the Action Based Learning Lab to give the early brain an advantage for learning. Jean is featured in 2 videos, How to Make Learning a Moving Experience and Teaching the Teen Brain, has written numerous articles and curricula, and has appeared on TV and radio advocating the importance of children’s health and learning.

Her dynamic, interactive presentations will have you on your feet experiencing learning through movement and making valuable applications that enhance cognition to give students an advantage to learn.