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Jump Rope as Perfect Exercise for Brain Apr28

Jump Rope for Heart Program May Improve Student Performance Jumping rope may be a perfect exercise for the brain

Written by Jean Blaydes for American Heart Association

Education is in the age of standards-based assessment. Students experience learning and make connections based on curriculum that is designed with specific academic objectives in mind. Some of the most beneficial lifelong learning comes from real life experiences that cannot be measured by paper and pencil tests alone. Problem solving, communication, goal setting, creativity, perseverance, risk taking and altruism are skills that help create productive, well-rounded citizens. The American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart program can help students achieve many of the academic standards by encouraging them to engage in experiential learning strategies that anchor learning up to 90% better. Students also learn about important health and fitness practices that can lead to healthy, active, lifelong behavior changes.


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Advocacy: A Case for Daily Quality PE Apr28

Written for TEPE Journal 2001
By Jean Blaydes

What if?
What if one day someone walked into your gym and arrested you, saying that you represented all physical educators nationwide. You are being accused of:

  • Not contributing to the learning process of the students
  • Not contributing to elevating standardized test scores
  • Allowing obesity among children to be at the highest percentage ever and
  • Teaching an enrichment subject that is expendable because it is not required as part of the core academic subjects.

Your accusers are anyone who remembers having a bad experience in Physical Education in their youth. Your jury is made up of decision-makers, school board members, legislators and budget makers. The Judge is the nations major decision-maker for the choice of curriculum, facilities, time allotment and class sizes.

  • What will be your argument in your defense?
  • What will be your evidence?
  • Where is your proof that exercise increases learning?
  • Who will come to your defense?
  • Who will be your witnesses?
  • Who will represent you? (more…)
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The New Recess Model Apr27

Written by Jean Blaydes Madigan
The following article appeared in the Texas Elementary Principal and Supervisors Association Journal Instructional Leader in September 2004

Senate Bill 19 2001 recommends 30 minutes of physical activity daily for Texas students grades K-6. \”In accordance with Texas Education Code, 28.002, all students enrolled in full-day kindergarten or Grades 1-6 in an elementary school setting are required to participate in physical activity for a minimum of either 30 minutes daily or 135 minutes weekly under the following conditions: (1) Participation must be in a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)-based physical education class or a TEKS-based structured activity; and (2) Each school district shall establish procedures for providing the required physical activity that must consider the health-related education needs of the student and the recommendations of the local health advisory council.\”(1) (more…)

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Why is 30 minutes of physical activity important? Apr1

When humans exercise for 30 minutes, positive changes happen in the brain and body that increase student performance. Less than 30 minutes of exercise doesn’t bring the same results as rapidly.

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