There are so many people to thank on my professional journey. First, I would like to think my family for their undying support and for their belief in my passion for teaching. I thank God daily for the gifts that He has given me in for the blessings that He has brought to my life.

Action Based Learning started as a company in 1997 with a vision shared by many people who have helped me along the way. I would like to acknowledge Teri Wilson, Thad Trahan, Frank Tighe, Jessica St. John, Quentin Christian, Dawn Brehien, Charles Sterling and many other Texas colleagues who believed in me early on.

Dr. Robert Sylvester influenced my start on this journey of studying brain science and the link of movement to learning. Eric Jensen also mentored me and supported me in my efforts to show how physical education contributes to the learning process. Other experts who have influenced me our Carla Hannaford, Susan Kovalik, Pat Wolfe, Rich Allen, Dr. Harry Silcox, Marianne Assarsson and Dr. John Ratey. I continue to look to them as experts in the field of brain-based learning.

I am proud to call Cindy Hess my friend and my co-creator at the action-based learning LAB. She has been an inspiration to me as well as “the other side of my brain.” Her family has become my family and vice versa. We continue to create with the Body Brain Adventure Lab and the Brain Room and I truly appreciate her love for learning and for the kids we teach.

A special thanks goes to Sandy Dofflemyer Adams and my friends in Virginia who launched me into the field of educational consultant. I would also like to thank Fred Milbert and Prince William County schools in Virginia, Audrey Satterbloom and Indianapolis public schools in Indiana, and David Spurlock from Charleston County School District in South Carolina for taking Action Based Learning to a new level. Thank you also to PE4Life for their support and to Phil Lawler for his visionary dreams. There are countless other teachers and schools to thank, and listing them here would be an exhausting task. Please know how I appreciate each and every one of you that want to thank you for your support and your belief in Action Based Learning!

I have been blessed to have several people who work behind the scenes for me at action-based learning: Jonathan Van Jahnke who helps me with fulfillment and orders, José Martinez who is our very talented graphic artist, Seth Cowles who does our printing and Chuck Mallot who created this website. Our Pennsylvanian team includes Abram, the Amish farmer who builds our first steps ladder and our learning ladder, Sean who ships our LAB materials from Pennsylvania and Larry Hess, Cindy’s husband who has spent countless hours gathering materials and taking them to Abram to make and to Sean to ship. Thank you so much for your hard work and your support.

I believe that kids are number one. I believe that their health and their learning comes first. I believe that all children can learn and that everyone’s level of health and wellness can be improved. Thank you for believing that, too and for believing in me.