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  • Heavy Metal music creates killer rats
    The experiment about the effect of music on the brain
  • Girls Entering Puberty Earlier May be Linked to Childhood Obesity
    Though girls may come to the physical examination feeling self conscious, their mothers should be more concerned. There are some young girls who are barely in grade school displaying first signs of puberty. According to a study in the journal Pediatrics, girls reaching puberty early are more common now, then a decade ago.<br />
    <br />
    Researchers have found that at age of 7, 10% and 23% of white and black girls respectively are having budding breasts. Comparatively to a study in 1997, it was 5% ad 15% respectively. Lore Nelson, a specialist in adolescent medicine, at the University of Kansas Hospital, said these finding confirm what many doctors have seen in their practices for years. The researchers believe that a main cause of early puberty in girls could be because of childhood obesity- one in five U.S children is obese. Children have too much access to junk food at home, in fast food restaurants and in school vending machines .
  • BDNF and Exercise
    Good explanation of BDNF
  • Autism linked to multisensory integration
    Multisensory input is slower in kids with autism
  • Disturbances in certain genes play a role in autism
    new breakthrough
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